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Whenever we go through a bad period, situation or patch in our life, it may seem for eternity and some of us already accepted the fact that the situation will not change.  Sometimes, we often think that it is impossible to move on from whatever you are facing right now.  However, know this, we are all just PASSING BY.  These things you are facing is not permanent but temporary.  If we all learn to keep walking, sooner than later you will be out of the mud and into greener pastures.

Those dark moments you are in, you are just passing by.

Those hurt you are facing now, you are just passing by. 

Those bad mistake you have made, you are just passing by.

There is a bright future awaiting for you sooner than you think,  just keep walking and you will leave your dark history behind. Like a moving train, it is just passing by every station, it does not stop at one place for too long, so much so in our life, some station we are facing may be a bad one, but always know that we are just passing by that station.  

Problems are just mile marker, each one we pass means we’ve gotten better

Tony Hsieh

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