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Underdog is a term for someone or a team that is given very little or no chance to win and is expected to lose. We all went through days where people or sometime our friends give us little chance of achieving something. Sometimes, when we tell our parents or even friends our dream, they may discourage us and ask us ‘do we know what are we up against?’.  For example, in an interview, you are up against a highly experience individual applying for the same position as you and all you have is the passion and nothing else. People may give you very little chance of reaching or achieving your dream and goals.

Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.

Mark Twain

However, know this, though we may stand no chance but our advantage is that we got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Being an underdog in any situation give you the chance to surprise the people who expected you to lose. Being an underdog give you no pressure to win, but always do your best in anything you do, the result may end in your favour suddenly. Against all the odds, the victory will taste more sweet when we are the underdog. Hence, don’t look down on ourselves, we may be the least experience, least quality or having the lowest grade, we can still pull off the greatest victory, surprise, shock, and amazement. 

It helps us being the underdog. We have nothing to lose. Nobody expect us to win except ourselves.

Daniel Ruffin

A story in 2012, where two football clubs were meeting in a final for a prestigious cup. Chelsea were meeting Bayern Munich away. Pundits, experts and fans were quick to predict that the trophy will go to Bayern Munich and giving very little chance for Chelsea to win it. During the game, Bayern was controlling the game, shots after shots and in the last few minutes, they score. However, things begin to turn when suddenly Chelsea level up the score in the final moments. In the end, it was all down to penalties, with Chelsea missing the first one, and advantage yet again to Bayern. Then suddenly, Bayern misses 2 penalty later on, giving Chelsea a surprise advantage. Chelsea taking the last penalty and SCORE to win the cup!! The crowd were in shock, pundits were surprised. Against all odds, Chelsea won the cup.

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