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Words we say often has a huge impact on the outcome we are facing. Whenever we are going certain difficulties or even chasing our dreams that seems impossible to reach in our life, we normally say words like ‘ I can’t do it’ or ‘I’m not good enough. A struggling actor may say ‘I will never be famous’ or a poor man say ‘I will never be rich’. Your colleagues, friends or even family may laugh at your dreams, making you say ‘it’s impossible’.

Well, it is when times like this, we need to believe in ourselves. Others may not believe in you saying you don’t have the capability. Hence, making you feel that they may be right about it. However, know this, people can talk you out all they want, but never talk yourself out of it. Never let the situation bring sadness in your words, but let your words bring life into the situation.

Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.

Michael Hyatt

Words we say often can influence our mind on how we think. When we are chasing our dreams, and each time we say ‘No, I Can’t Do it’, our mind will limit our potential and causes our belief to become the reality. But each time we say ‘Yes, I Can Do It’, our mind will begin to open up our potential capabilities and causes the reality to be in line with our belief. Something in what we say have the power to change our world. Speak to yourself words of encouragement and belief. No matter how big your dreams are, always say to yourself,’ YES I CAN’.

Words have power to change us.

Cassandra Clare

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