Peg It On

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How many times during our younger days, we have seen our mothers peg on some clothes onto the line? You see, our mothers can just hang the clothes onto the line without the peg, but they will somehow rather choose peg it on. And the reason for being so is that when the wind blows, the clothes will not be blown away. From here, we are able to see that even though the peg is small, it is capable to clip on the clothes onto the line, that no matter how strong the winds blows, the clothes will still remain on the line.

In our life, there will be moments whereby the winds of criticism and rejection will try to blow you off away from your values and believe. The winds of negative influence will try their best shot to blow you off your line, to make you give up in what you truly believe in, to distract you off from your destiny, to discourage you from living your dream. Many times, we allow ourselves to be blown away by the winds. However, by pegging ourselves to our values and believe, we are able to withstand the winds blowing against us. The peg here symbolizes our mind. Just as the peg is able to keep the clothes from falling, our mind is able to keep our dreams from failing.

Just as the peg, which is small but plays an important role in keeping the clothes on the line, our mind as well is small but it keeps us towards our dream. No matter what bad experience or failures we are facing, our mind has the ability to hang on to our values and believe. The question is now, how strong is your peg? How strong is your mind? If your peg is weak, the winds will eventually and successfully blow off your clothes from the line, the same manner goes to our mind, if our mind is weak, the bad experience and failures will blow you off from your dream. Therefore, we got to peg it on strongly to keep our enthusiasm and hope towards our dream alive, that no matter where and how the wind may blow, our believe still remains.

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