Ask and You Will Receive

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I recently heard a podcast by Jim Rohn, a sensational speaker that I highly respect till today. He was speaking on how to achieve anything you want, and the answer he gave was so simple yet very significant. The answer was simply just ‘Ask’. He quoted it from the bible which states that ‘ask and you will receive’. However, I just want to write a little bit about this, I realize especially in this time and age, many of us have neglected the art of asking. Many simply choose to assume things, demand things, expect others to know or just being arrogant and pretend to know everything.

The thing is, if we don’t ask, we will not get an answer. If we don’t ask, people will not know what we want. What it needs sometime to get what we want is to just simply ask. The answer may not go the way we want but that’s how we learn. It is also essential to know how to ask the right questions. Because how we ask will determine what kind of answers we will get.

He who ask a question remains a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

Chinese Proverb

I realize as we grow older, we ask lesser questions. A few reasons is because we have face many rejections, criticisms and answers that are not in our favour. Therefore, we begin to form a notion in our mind, what we ask will bring no significant result to us. However, we have forgotten the fundamental practice while we were younger. When we were kids, we have the courage to ask, asking for a new toy from parents, asking the most ridiculous thing such as is the earth is round?, why can’t we fly? etc… Hence, if there is something to learn from our younger self, it is to not be afraid to ask. Right now, if you want something in your life, ASK.. if you want to know something, ASK.. If you are unsure of something, ASK.. ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE..

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