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If you haven’t arrived yet, keep driving, your destiny is waiting for you.

Rob Liano

We will face many kind of roads while driving to our destination such as the curve roads, the bumpy roads and the hilly roads just to name a few. Not only that but we will also face few hindrances and obstructions during the journey such as the traffic lights, accidents, jam, floods or even animal crossing the road. However, though we face it, we still continue to drive on to our destination, be it to work, home, school, hotel, shopping mall or simply just to watch a football game at the stadium.

Well, life is very much like driving. The journey of life is the road we drive. The car is our body we are living in and the mind is the driver of our body. When we drive our car, most cases we will not stop till we arrived at our destination despite facing few hindrances. However, when we are driving our life, we will sometime stop along the way after experiencing roadblocks and difficulty, and in the end, we never get to arrived to our destiny.

Life is always a bumpy road, eventually you just learn how to drive on it.


The key here is to keep on driving and keep on going, though we may be facing bumpy roads and the accidents in our life, we just got continue driving. The bumpy roads will not last, the traffic lights will eventually turn green, the floods in our life will subside only if we keep on going and don’t stop. If things are too difficult, learn to rest but not quit. After resting, we can continue driving. The time will eventually come when reached our dream and achieved our destiny. Therefore, don’t stop and DRIVE TILL YOU’VE ARRIVED.

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