Step Out To Step In

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We are all walking everyday. Each time we get up from our bed, the first thing we will do is walking. We may start walking to our kitchen to make some breakfast before stepping into our workplaces. You see, we are all walking and stepping into something every single day, for example, stepping into our room, stepping into the church, stepping into a boxing ring or even stepping into our car.

However, the thing is, before we can step into something, we need to step out of something. Before we can step in our house, we need to step off from our car. If we do not step out from our car, we can’t step in to the comfort of our house. In our life as well, Each time when we want to step into our destiny and greatness, we need to step out from our fears and comfort zones.

One step into the right direction is better than a hundred years of thinking about it.

T. Harv Eker

We cannot afford to just stay still and wish for our dreams to happen. As a matter a fact, we need to start taking the first step out from our old past experiences that were stopping us to move forward. To step out and let go of the bondage and defeats that are holding us back. If we allow this things to keep dwelling in our mind, we are not making an effort to step out from these things. Therefore, we need to let go and start taking tiny steps towards courage and hope. Sooner than later, we will begin to start experiencing new opportunities and opening as we are stepping into our dreams and destiny. As a result, let us start to step out from our comfort zones, start going for your dreams, and step into our greatness.

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