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Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.


There is time in our life where in the spur of the moment we make regrettable and unnecessary decision that cannot be change. If given a chance to turn back the clock to make things right, we would do it. However, the cruel thing is we can’t change anything of our decision and because of the decision, we are facing the consequences. 

When you get angry over a computer game, you break the controller. And because of that temporary anger, we now have a broken controller. What is more important though that if each time we lost a business deal, a contract not being sign or even a failure in relationship, in the spur of the moment, we choose to give up and end it all. We decided hang in the towel on our goals. Because of the decision, we may face regret near future, we may ask ourselves, ‘why did I give up too early?’. ‘I should have been stronger!’.

Here is the lesson, do not let your current emotion in that particular time determine the decision you are going to make. Because each time when we are high on emotion, we may not be thinking straight. We may make rash decision that we may regret later on. In this case, we should learn how to control our emotion and think steadily on what are the possibility and outcome if we choose to make this decision. 

When I was younger, I was a very emotional kid, I let my emotion control whatever decision I made. Once, I was on a laptop, and during that time, the laptop was giving me trouble, it fail to load things, it hangs badly and very unresponsive, I was so angry till I bang the laptop with my fist. Suddenly, the laptop shut down and never to be on again. Because of this action, I need to pay a sum of money to get my laptop fixed. When I think back, I ask myself, ‘what was I thinking?’, ‘Why can’t I control myself?’. I learn something that day, that temporary emotion sometime can lead us to a permanent decision. 

Let us therefore be patient and wait a little longer before making any decision because the consequences may be permanent. Don’t give up on your dream and goal just because it didn’t work out right now and you are upset. Keep on fighting, one day when you look back, you will be glad that you make this decision of pursuing your goal. Don’t allow the 5 seconds of anger and bitterness ruin the 10 years of believing your dream. 


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