How many of us have big goals and dreams we want to accomplish in our life? I know many of us have.

However, along the way while reaching for our dreams, we begin to experience hardship, disappointments and failures. And because of this experiences, we then start to think that this dream is no longer worth it. We then given up of our dream and start doing other things.

Now, how many us have lost the passion we once used to have about our dreams and just let it all go? I have done it too…

I believe many too have decided to let go of their goals and dreams and start working on jobs that they are not interested in. The hardship and failures are too hard to bear that sometimes we think is better to do other things eventhough we have no interest or whatsoever.

However, here’s the thing, though we thought we have let go of our dreams, our dreams are still holding on to us. You may have given up on your dream, but your dream hasn’t given up on you. Though we thought we have forgotten about our dreams, our dreams still remembers. Though we thought we have burned down our dream, our dream is still burning right inside of us.

Sometimes, when we have accepted the fact that our dream is dead, and we are now working in a job we hate, there is a still small voice inside of us that is still routing for you to go for your dream. A small burning desire in you is still alive asking you to give your dream a second chance in life. And today I want to encourage all of us to give it a chance again. All we have to do is to hold on back to our dreams and give it life once more.

I have let go of my dreams before of being a speaker simply because it was too hard for me, I do not have the CQE which stands for Certified, Qualified and Experience. I decided to start doing other things, but deep down I know my dream is still alive in me. Now, I have fire back up my passion in speaking and doing all that I can to make my dream a reality. And today, I am now a corporate trainer and speaker for a company. Though its still not what I want to achieve, but this is just the beginning of something great!

Today, listen to that still small voice in you and give your DREAM a second chance to live. And when that One Day where we have achieved our dream, we will thanked ourselves for today.

About the Author David Ng

Hi everyone, Welcome to my website! I'm all about inspiring and motivating people to live their life better. The reason why I started on this journey is because, I was having a hard time in my life. However, it was during that time, I found my gift and purpose in speaking. Through these experiences, I believe that everyone of us here have their own gift and purpose. And today, I love to share this message of inspiration through speaking, music and dance. Hope these articles will inspire you. Have a great day!!!

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