Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they’ll help you push for, and realize your own.


The question for today is ‘Who Push YOU?’

There was a joke I heard and it goes something like this, ‘There was group of people gathered around the pool. And in the pool, there are all kinds of sharks, alligators and crocodiles. One guy challenge the group of people that if anyone of them would dare to swim past all these creatures and cross to the other side of the pool, I will reward you. Suddenly, one person went into the water, battle with all the sharks, swim through alligators and squeezing through the crocodiles and somehow made it to the other side. Everyone was impressed. The guy asked him, ‘What do you wish for?’ and his replied was, ‘I WANT THE GUY WHO PUSH ME TO JUMP INTO THE POOL’…

What is the moral of the story? You see, if the person was not pushed, he wouldn’t have known what he is truly capable of. To be able to take on sharks and swim through to the other side. In our life as well, in order to reach our life’s fullest potential, we need someone or something to push us. If we are not being push, sometimes we will not recognize the skills, talent, knowledge and ability we have.

However, to be push, we all to find and mix with the right people who can push us, people who have achieved success, people who have big dreams and goals, people who are hungry to live their life for the better. Most of us sometimes are just waiting for the right people to come into our life, some waiting for inspiration to come and some are just mixing with the wrong people. These people are always complaining about life, always draining out your energy and not taking life seriously. Therefore, mixing with the right people is really important.

There are also another group of people, they are already being pushed in life. However, these people are complaining, asking questions ‘why am I push so hard for?’, ‘It is too hard, I want to quit’. You see, sometimes, it is us and our perspective towards the ‘push’, stop us from reaching our dream.

I heard a story about how a baby eagle learn how to fly. In the nest, the mother eagle will lead her baby to the edge. Then, the mother will push her baby down, as the baby is falling down, the baby will panic, cry while trying to flap its wings. The baby don’t understand why the mother push him. And once the baby almost touches the ground, the mother eagle will grab the baby again and put it up on the nest. Once up on the nest, the mother eagle will push her baby again. The mother will push her baby few times a day, and each time her baby tries to fly, it is strengthening its wings. And one day, when the wings of the eaglet is strong enough to fly, it will fly and they will understand why they needed the push. However, here’s the thing, eagles don’t fly, they soar and there are the only birds that is able to fly above the clouds.

Therefore, today, ask yourself, WHO PUSH YOU? and if you do not have one, find people who can PUSH you to the next level.

About the Author David Ng

Hi everyone, Welcome to my website! I'm all about inspiring and motivating people to live their life better. The reason why I started on this journey is because, I was having a hard time in my life. However, it was during that time, I found my gift and purpose in speaking. Through these experiences, I believe that everyone of us here have their own gift and purpose. And today, I love to share this message of inspiration through speaking, music and dance. Hope these articles will inspire you. Have a great day!!!

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