Be In Control And Not Be Consumed

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Before you can control your conditions, you must first control yourself

Napoleon Hill

How many times we have allowed the circumstances to consumed us, the situation to paralyzed us and the conditions to overwhelmed us?

For instances, when we are having a bad day, our bosses or colleagues are not cooperating with us, our car broke down in the middle of no where, when our money got stolen, when everything in our life is going south. And due to all these things happening to us, we sometimes feel discouraged, depressed and dejected.

If so, we have then allowed the environment and circumstances to determined our thoughts and feelings. The external conditions have consumed us that sometimes we are no longer in control of our internal emotions. The problems, the circumstances and the conditions have drowned and consumed us in the way that we have lost ourselves.

However, we know this is not the way to live, to be having the circumstances to dictate our lives. We got to gain back control, to retain back our authority and to manage back our lives into the right direction. One of the key is though we got no control over the external condition, we got control of our inner emotion. To never allow what’s on the outside to affect what’s on the inside. To control our thoughts and feelings to determine the state of our external conditions.

To control ourselves, to have self-mastery, to take charge of our thoughts to turn a bad situation around to become good. To say that we don’t need to wait to have a great day, but we can make it a great day today. Once, we have learn how to control our internal decisions and not allowed the external environment to consumed our state, we have then know how to take control of our lives.

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