The Mindset Of A Champion

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The mindset of a CHAMPION is that I put myself in a certain situation to win, I don’t play to lose

Phil Heath

In the game of life, are you playing to WIN?

What differentiate the winner and the loser is not the level of skill set, it is the level of mindset. Though skill set may play a part, but it’s not the most important factor that decide the winner.

In any game such as football, badminton or tennis, there are few ways to play the game, the main ones are playing to win, playing not to lose and playing to lose. Some may want to play not to lose, so they set their mind to play it safe in their game. But some even may play to lose, so they set their mind to lose and not planning to get any result out of the game.

In the game of life as well, what kind of mindset are we putting on?

The mindset of a loser will live each day just to exist, to live life by default and allow life to take control of them.

The mindset of a mediocre will live each day just to survive, to live each day with just enough and not risking to live their dream.

But the mindset of a Champion is different. It is program not to lose, not to just get by, but it is program to win. To live each day with purpose and desire, to live life by design and to take control of what they can.

They always aim to win regardless of the circumstances and conditions surrounding them. The mindset of a Champion understands that being a winner is not define by being undefeated, but by rising up from defeat. Though, Champions may have failed but they know success is not define by never failing, but by bouncing back from failure.

Losers visualize the penalties of their failure. Winners visualize the rewards of their success.

William S. Gilbert

In closing, let us put on the mindset of a Champions. To always play to win in the game of life. To give it your all, to have a never say die attitude, to go on for your dreams without losing the sense of excitement, to focus on the rewards and not the punishment and to live life saying “I AM GOING TO WIN”.

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