Brown Sailing Boat on the Sea during Sunset

Hardship prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

C.S Lewis

Are you on board the “HARD” Ship or the “EASY” Ship?

Many people want things easy and do not wish to go through hardship, to work hard and to perseverance during the hard times. Instead, they prefer to have an easy life or to generate easy money without doing so much work. But as a saying goes, “Easy Come, Easy Go”.

Do what is EASY and your life will be HARD

Do what is HARD and your life will be EASY,

Les Brown

However, in order to reach the next level, to achieve a certain goal in our life, we got to go through hardships. It is hardship that will prepare us and will build us for bigger and better things in life.

Now here’s the difference between “Easy” Ship and “Hard” Ship.

  • If we got on board the “Easy” Ship to reach our destiny island, we may think there won’t be a problem at all. But when the waters in life starts to rumble and waves begin to rage, the “Easy” Ship will eventually sink and will fail to sail you through to your destiny island.
  • On the other hand, if we got on board the “Hard” Ship, though the waters in life starts to rumble and waves begin to rage, the “Hard” Ship will not sink. In fact, it is strong enough to sail you through all kind of circumstances and hardship till you reach your destiny island.

Therefore, here’s the thing, if we want to reach our dreams or goals in life, we got to experience some hardships. There is a saying that difficult road will lead us to beautiful destination. In other words, if we were to take the easy road, it will eventually take us to ugly destinations.

Today, you have to power to decide, whether to be on the “Easy” Ship or to be on the “Hard” Ship? Your decision today will shape your destiny in the future. Let us get on board the “Hard” Ship?

About the Author David Ng

DAVID NG is all about aiming to provide QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and CUSTOMISABLE MOTIVATIONAL, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SOFT SKILLS training programmes for everyone from students to corporate levels. Our vision is to inspire and motivate that everyone is able to learn and achieve their desired goals and results in their life.

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