“In The Meanwhile”

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If we don’t MAXIMUM our Downtime, We will MINIMIZE our Lifetime

John-Leslie Brown

Today sharing is inspired by the late William Arthur Ward. He was one of the greatest writer ever to live. The question he asked is this “What are you doing in the meanwhile?”

In our life, there will always be series of setbacks and bad times, we also can called it our ‘Downtime”, it is the time of our life when we are sad, when we lost all desire to live and no longer care about what’s going on in our life.

Now the question is “What are you doing in the meanwhile?“. Were we wasting our time or were we taking advantage of our time? A quote I heard from John-Leslie Brown, the son of Les Brown, he said “If we don’t maximum our downtime, we will minimize our lifetime.”

Here’s the thing, what we do “in the meanwhile” is very important in our life as it can determine who we will become in the future. It can either build you or break you and it can either help you to reach your potential or hinder your true potential.

Therefore, when we are in our downtime, in the meanwhile, we can watch or hear inspirational stories to build us up again. This doesn’t only apply during the downtime, it could be anytime, for instances, when we are washing dishes, in the meanwhile, we can hum or sing a tune, or when we are stuck in a jam, in the meanwhile, we can listen to our favourite songs on the radio.

Do sometime productive or valuable in the meanwhile, and we will thank ourselves for it in the future. Maximize the time given during our downtime in order for us to maximize our lifetime.

When I was working at a small store, it was my downtime, it was lonely, boring and disappointing working there, but then later I realize I need to take this opportunity to maximize my downtime. In the small store, I begin to read books after books after books. And today, I am a certified trainer and speaking around places. It brings me back the importance of what we are doing in the meanwhile. Today, in the meanwhile, let’s all maximize our downtime.

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