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If you want to change, expand your mind. Old ways won’t open new doors

Kristen Butler

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you in your comfort zone for too long?

Well, there will be times where we feel stuck for too long. No longer having new ideas, new vision and new things to do.

Now one of the reason why we feel that way too is because we no longer seeking new things, sometimes, we are the ones who are rejecting all the new things coming in our life.

Why?? because sometimes we rather feel the security of our comfort zone than to experience the new opportunities outside of our comfort zone. And yet there are times, we complain why we are stuck for so long.

So here’s the K.E.Y to move forward

K.E.Y = Keep Expanding Yourself

K.E.Y = Keep Educating Yourself

K.E.Y = Keep Extending Yourself

That’s it!!! Whenever we feel stuck, we got to find ways to expand ourselves. It could be by reading new books, finding new hobbies, mixing with new communities, doing new activities, learn from someone new, watch new movies, etc… Any means that challenge you outside your comfort zone.

It’s simple yet not easy to do because we sometimes loves to live in the comfort of our security and not willing to grow outside the cage to seek new opportunities. However, in order to move forward, you got to KEEP EXPANDING YOURSELF!

About the Author David Ng

DAVID NG is all about aiming to provide QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and CUSTOMISABLE MOTIVATIONAL, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SOFT SKILLS training programmes for everyone from students to corporate levels. Our vision is to inspire and motivate that everyone is able to learn and achieve their desired goals and results in their life.

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