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When it comes to success, it will come when it comes. A DELAY does not mean a DENIAL

Les Brown

In life, a delay does happen once in a while. For instances, while waiting for our flight, suddenly, the flight was delayed. While waiting for a promotion in your company, suddenly, it was delayed.

And this happen just today, while I was waiting for the train to go to work, suddenly, it was delayed for 1 hour.

You see, delay does happen. But here’s the thing, a delay does not mean a denial. What is late does not mean it may not come. Eventually, after 1 hour, the train came and I was off to work.

Many times as well, when we are on a journey to success, on a journey to our calling and destiny. It may not happen right now and that does not mean it will not happen at all. Be patient and trust the process, when the time come, it will come.

Just remember, any delay in your life, it does not mean it is a denial. Your time will come eventually.

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