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The Wisdom to QUIT is all we have left

Charles Bukowski

The word ‘Quit’ often poses as something negative or as someone being a person who give up easily. To a certain extend, it is true that we should not give up easily in life, we should hold on a little longer and never give up. There is certainly no doubt about it, in order to achieve our goals, we should never quit.

However, there are times, we should also know when to quit and let go of certain things. The thing is that, sometimes, quitting on something doesn’t mean you are giving up on your life.

We got to understand sometimes in order to reach for better things in life, we got to quit or let off certain things. What kind of things to quit you may ask???

Anything that we may feel that is no longer helping us, no longer molding us to become a better person,no longer useful and no longer pushing us to the next level…

Therefore, if you feel that your job is no longer helping you to become a better person, then it is a signal to quit and look for better opportunities ahead. A person who quit a job doesn’t mean that person is quitting on their dreams.

Therefore, know the difference, there are times we need to quit on something to get something better. There are times where quitting doesn’t mean he or she has given up, it could mean that they are looking for better things.

About the Author David Ng

Hi everyone, Welcome to my website! I'm all about inspiring and motivating people to live their life better. The reason why I started on this journey is because, I was having a hard time in my life. However, it was during that time, I found my gift and purpose in speaking. Through these experiences, I believe that everyone of us here have their own gift and purpose. And today, I love to share this message of inspiration through speaking, music and dance. Hope these articles will inspire you. Have a great day!!!

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