Go Further, Not Faster

Road in City during Sunset
Source: pexels.com

When you delay instant gratification, you will experience long term satisfaction


In life sometimes we aim to accomplish our goals faster, to reach our dreams faster, to learn faster, and all in all, we just want to be faster in everything we do.

Though it is nothing wrong to be faster, it is good to be more efficient in doing things, however, that should not be our main goal. Remember, life is not a sprint but a marathon. Our main goal is to go further, not faster, and that’s the way to keep our motivation and hope last longer.

Just imagine for a moment, if a caterpillar came out of its cocoon faster, it will be way too early for its wings to be developed, the caterpillar in the end of the day won’t be able to fly far. However, if the caterpillar stayed in its cocoon till the moment is right, it will be able to fly very far.

Therefore, not everything that is fast, it is good. There are time, our focus should be on longevity. Remember, delay gratification is always better than instant gratification because instant gratification will only caused us short term satisfaction, not long term.

Just imagine, if you have very little money and you bought a car just because you want it so badly. It may feel good at that particular moment, but after a year or two, you will begin to feel that you shouldn’t have spend that money on a car as now you are struggling with your finances.

Hence, the key here is to be patient in whatever you do and to aim to go further, not faster in life. Remember that life is not a sprint but a marathon. If we do this, I believe one day, when you look back, you’ll be glad of not doing things so hastily but you did things patiently.

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