Distraction That Leads You To Your Destination

Man Using Smartphone While Driving
Source: pexels.com

Sometimes life takes an unexpected wrong turn in the right direction


Sometimes in life, we may have everything figured out on how we should live our life, we may have a our plan on how we should achieved our goal.

Any sort of distraction and interruption in your life may suddenly affect your plan, it may suddenly destabilize your flow of life and it may ruin your plan into achieving your ultimate goals in life.

For example, you may have plan to enter into a certain college, however, the college rejected your application. Another one could be, you may have plan to become a manager for a certain company, however, the company fired you. And suddenly, you feel that your life has no where to go.

However, here’s the thing, not all distraction or interruption in your life will cause you to sway away from you intended destiny. Certain distractions are to align you straight into your destiny. Sometimes, an unexpected wrong turn can cause you to be in the right direction to your dreams.

I recently heard a message from a minister by the name of Joel Osteen. He mention he never intended to become a minister. However, the interruption came from his dad when his dad asked him to preach for one Sunday. Joel may feel that this is a distraction in his life but from the first Sunday, he preached, his dad pass away the very next week. And Joel Osteen took over his father’s ministry and lead Lakewood Church to where they are today.

Therefore, as we can see that not all interruption in your life are stopping you to reach your destiny but rather are to propel you to reach your destiny. Just imagine, if Joel didn’t flow with his distraction, he wouldn’t have been where he is today. Hence, today, learn to see that not all distraction is to slow you down, but to sway you into the right direction towards your dreams.

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