Integrity Over Supremacy

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Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on VALUES rather than PERSONAL GAIN


Some of us, if not most of us want to have our own benefit over something or somebody else. For instance, to get that promotion in your company, to become your boss favourite employee, to become richer in your life, etc.

Now, though that it is nothing very wrong in doing that but it’s all boils down into how you do it. Let say, you want to get a promotion in your company and you may do it by cheating yourself in making yourself look great while making others look bad. Now, you may get the promotion but you lack integrity.

Here’s the thing, integrity is the key to success. Doing what is right always win. It just goes to show the type of person you are. Organizations and other people loves to work with someone who is honest and have integrity rather than someone who got all the skills but lack integrity.

You see, integrity will build trust among your other people. And the thing is this, it takes a long time to build trust but it takes just one night to lose it. Hence, always maintain your integrity. C.S Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Therefore, even when we are going for our dream, remain your integrity. Don’t allow the temptation of personal gain ruins your personal ethics and values. In the end, when we remain our integrity, doors will just start to open in your life, we don’t have to cheat our way there but just we just be honest and truthful.

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