Tiny Difference, Huge Rewards

Green Leafed Plant on Sand
Source: pexels.com

Change one small thing today and bigger changes will follow

Diana Cooper

The difference between success and failure is sometimes just a small gap. The difference between between a champion and a loser is also sometimes just a small gap. However, the reward of their achievement are huge.

For instance, in a 100 meter race, the champion just exceeded the second place just by an inch but the difference between the grand prize and the second prize are huge.

Therefore, in our life as well, to get the results we want or to achieve something we desire is not to do many things but sometimes we just need to change a few things.

For example, sometimes, if we want to look different, sometimes all we need to do is just to comb our hair a little differently and suddenly we look so much better than we were before. Hence, it is not about doing many things but to do the little things that counts.

In this case, never look down on all the small and tiny difference you’ve made in your life for it is able to bring you greater things. Sometimes, all we need to do really is wake up slightly earlier, change our routine a little, work slightly longer, sleep slightly earlier, all in all just do things a little different.

We may never know that these little things we do will result in huge rewards that we never saw it coming, the big breaks, the new opportunity and the promotion may suddenly just come across your path.

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