Person Playing Brown Guitar

Use it or Lose it is a cliche because it’s true

Julian Cope

If you have a gift, USE IT!

Talents, ability, skills, knowledge and gifts are all like muscles, just imagine for a moment, if we don’t move our muscles regularly, the muscles will begin to shrink.

Let us supposed that we are all piano players, if we don’t practice or play with our piano often, what happens is that we will begin to be rusty. Just as many other things as well, a footballer who was out injured for months and once he is able to play football again, he will finds his skills to be lacking in quality.

Why is this so? because if we don’t use it, we will lose it.

Therefore, let me encourage you that whatever skills you have, start to use it often. Whatever talents that you have, start to use it. Whatever knowledge that you possess, start to use it. If we begin to use it, we will not only keep our talents and ability but we can develop and improve it to much greater effectiveness. Hence, start using what we have and not look at what we lack.

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