Too Big To Hit Or To Miss?


The right perspective makes the impossible POSSIBLE


Life is all about perspective. The way we look at things often determines the outcome of our thoughts and action.

Recently, I read a book from Zig Ziglar and he wrote something very interesting about this title, “Too Big to Hit or Too Big to Miss”.

He took the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. And I would like to share it with everyone of you today.

You see, when the people of Israel was going for a war against the Philistines. Philistines send out their champion fighter, Goliath, be was huge standing about 9 feet tall, this brings fear to the Israelite. Non of Israelite dare to face this 9 foot tall giant except for one and his name is David.

Here’s the thing, everyone is Israel saw that the giant was too big to hit, too big to fight, that they thought they will all stand no chance against Goliath. What they saw is that the giant is too big to hit…

However, David has another perspective. He saw the giant was too big to miss. He’s thinking was if he were to fight, to throw the stones, there is 99% chance that the stone will land on Goliath. From here we can learn that David has the right perspective to defeat the giant.

In the story, David eventually defeated Goliath with a sling and a stone. Therefore, in life, no matter what giants in your life that you are facing, know that there is a David inside of you. Get the right perspective in life and see the giants as being too big to miss. Start seeing yourself winning in life and you will see yourself win.

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