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The greatest WEALTH is HEALTH


With the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the Coronavirus (Covid 19) as ‘Pandemic’, the world seems to be in total chaos, stock markets are free falling, businesses are going down hill, every major operations to be put on hold and postpone till further notice.

However, at this very present moment, there nothing is more important than to take care of your own health. Be diligent and wise during this time of difficulties. Remember not to overwork yourself even though business is running low.

This situation will soon pass, it will not be forever. Hence, take good care of yourself and your love ones.

Here are some tips for you to take care of your health:-

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Maintain distance with people
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Practice good hygiene
  5. If you are unwell, seek medical attention quickly

Lastly, always remember to remain hopeful and pray!

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