DAVID NG is a professional training company where we aim to provide QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and CUSTOMISABLE MOTIVATIONAL, SOFT SKILLS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT training programmes for everyone from students to corporate levels. Our vision is to inspire and motivate that everyone is able to learn all the necessary skills and knowledge that can be used effectively in their fields.

DAVID NG is a dedicated website to inspire and motivate you. If we look at the world, most people are still finding the meaning and purpose in life. Everyday most people wake up lacking enthusiasm and excitement before going through the day, be it work, college or school. However, we do not need to live each day as if it’s a drag but to live each day with purpose.  As from the words of James Hetfield ‘I choose to LIVE, not just EXIST’. Living is a gift, don’t waste it by just living each day by just merely existing.

David Ng is a speaker, an author and a musician. He has full of passion and desire to inspire people to reach their next level. He holds Dual Awards Certification in Bachelor of Public Relations both locally and abroad at TAR University College and Sheffield Hallam University, UK respectively.

Upon graduating, he began to develop great passion for speaking, training and teaching. He then embarked his journey in training for a huge local company. During his time there, he took the opportunity to develop his art and skills, gaining valuable experiences and insights as well as producing effective methods and practices for his training.

Today, he is the founder of DAVID NG Enterprise, a HRDF Certified Trainer and a Certified Life Coach with New Skills Academy. He specializes in motivational, personal developments and soft skills trainings. Currently, he is speaking and providing training nationally while being attached to a 5-star hotel based in Kuala Lumpur handling and conducting training programmes.

With these experiences, he believes that everyone has the potential to become so much more than they are. What keeps him motivated to continue training is by seeing great impact and transformation in people’s life. One of his favourite quotes is by Les Brown which says, “You’re never too old to learn and you’re never too young to teach.”