DAVIDNG is a dedicated website to inspire and motivate you. If we look at the world, most people are still finding the meaning and purpose in life. Everyday most people wake up lacking enthusiasm and excitement before going through the day, be it work, college or school. However, we do not need to live each day as if it’s a drag but to live each day with purpose.  As from the words of James Hetfield ‘I choose to LIVE, not just EXIST’. Living is a gift, don’t waste it by just living each day by just merely existing.

David Ng is a speaker, author and musician. He is full of passion and desire to inspire people to live their dreams and goals. With his energetic and entertaining style in speaking and training, he is able to make the learning experience a special one. Though he is young, but what keeps him motivated to go on speaking is by a quote he heard from Les Brown saying ‘You are never to old to learn and never to young to Teach’.