Spring Cleaning our Minds

Spring cleaning is the time where families or group of people take the initiative together to clean up their house and environment, to wipe every corners of the floor, vacuum the whole house,to throw out any items that are old and no longer useful etc… well, you get the idea… Once all that is done, the reward is that we can live in a clean environment and no dirty bugs would dare to enter. Everyone loves to live in a clean environment as it provide comfort and warm around the atmosphere. However, not many would want to do spring cleaning.

Many times in our life as well, we all have our own mental house which is our mind. Sometimes we have these thoughts of defeats, failures and disappointments in our mind for so long. The thing is sometime we keep them in our mind rather than throwing them out. Just as we have our psychical house to clean, we too have our mental house to clean. Remember, those negative thoughts will eventually attract the feeling of sadness and discomfort in our life. Do not let these things take up the space in our mind till there is no more room for new thoughts of victory and favour.

The greatest need of our time is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional rubbish that clutters our mind.

Thomas Merton

Therefore, it is about time to we do some spring cleaning in our mental house as well, to de-cluttered the mess, to vacuum out past regrets, to wipe out thoughts of failures and to throw out every negative thinking in our life. Once we have done that, not only we have a clean mind, but now we have make room for new things, new desires, new dreams, new thoughts of victory and favour being filled in our mind. The reward is we get to live life with happiness once we have gotten out old thoughts of defeat and bringing in new thought of victory.

Control the Channel

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Each time when we are not interested in what we are watching on television, we will promptly change to other channels to watch. It goes the same way when we are listening to radio, if its playing songs that we are not into, we too will change to other channels till we find one that plays our favourite tune.

Just as television and radio have channels, we too have channels in our mind. It is the thoughts, ideas and images that are constantly playing in our head. Let me just ask a few simple questions. What are you thinking right now? What are the thoughts that keep coming up?

Whatever that is always playing in your head is the channel you are always watching. Hence, if we keep switching on to negative channels such as memories about failure, regret and defeat. For example, thinking of how bad our fate is, life is not fair, things are not going my way etc… Hence, we will eventually live a miserable life.

Therefore, just as we can change the channel on television, we too can change the channel in our head. Changing to thoughts and images that build your spirit up. Play the channel in your head that speaks of how successful you could be, how things will eventually work out or how great our life will be. If we keep tuning on to positive channels, we will eventually live a happier life.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale

But the thing is, sometimes the negative channels will steal the remote control from us and change it back to their channels. Those bad thoughts will start to creep in again and start playing in our head. When these happen, be sure to quickly gain back control of the remote and switch back to your channels. Always remember, Never let your mind control the channel, Instead you control the channel in your mind.

It’s Your Launchpad

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For the rocket to launch upwards, it needs to have a launchpad. The launchpad is design in such a way to support and set up the rocket for launch. One of its function is to hold the rocket in place before take off and to withstand the heat and flames coming out of the rocket. Without those launchpad, the rocket will not take off because it is not set up in the right place. Regardless of how powerful the rocket is, it will not take off without the launchpad.

In the same manner in our life, sometimes before we want to launch towards our goals and expectation in life, we need to set up in our launchpad. Without being place on a strong foundation, we may not be able to launch upwards, but maybe side wards or not launch at all. Our launchpad sometimes is having just one opportunity and favour in our life and it is sufficient enough for us to launch towards our dreams. One contract sign is enough for us to start our business or one client comes is enough for us to start our career.

But sometimes, our launch pad is not always made out of opportunity but difficulty. Sometimes, a failure in our business is a launch pad for us to start something new or change direction in order to bring the business to the next level. I always remember this quote from a minister that it is not setback but a setup. In whatever difficulties or hardship in our life, remember that it is not a setback, but it set up, it is our launchpad for us to go further, higher and better in our life. Hence, do not just view that launch pad is made out of opportunity but sometimes launchpad is made out of difficulty. Both launchpads serve the same purpose which is to set you up and propel you to the next level. Sometimes a defeat is the launchpad we need to launch us to our victory in life. Remember, whatever you are going through, it is your launchpad.

There’s always time to launch your dreams.

Maat Morrison

The Cocoon of Life

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We all know that a caterpillar has the ability to transform itself into a butterfly. A caterpillar itself is not the most beautiful creature you will ever see, yet a caterpillar knows that it won’t stay this way forever as it knows that one day it will transform itself into one of the most beautiful creature on earth. However, before it can transform, a caterpillar must go through the process called metamorphosis whereby it must stay in a cocoon for period of time. Most of the process will take about 5 to 21 days depending on condition before the caterpillar is fully transform into a butterfly. And when the time is right, it will break free from its cocoon and ready to show off its beautiful wings and fly living its life.

Here’s the thing, we are all like caterpillars wanting to be transform into a butterfly however without wanting to go through the period of being in a cocoon. Some of us are not satisfy with our current situation and wanting to change it fast, to reach our dream successfully without going through too much hassle. The thing is this, just as a caterpillar needs to go through the process of being in the cocoon in order to achieved the beauty of a butterfly, we as well need to go through the process of being in the cocoon of life to achieve the beauty of our dreams.. And this is our process, we all have to face failures, setback, disappointment, struggles and hardship in life. All these things are developing us, molding us and evolving us into someone who is so much more capable of accomplishing our goals.

Though the beauty may be in the butterfly, the struggle and growth occur in the cocoon.


Here is another point, the caterpillar was not worried but was patient while it was in the cocoon because the caterpillar trust itself in the process. Therefore, we too should not be concerned and must be patient enough to trust ourselves in the process. Keep reaching for your dreams despite facing rejection, criticism and failures. These are the moment where we are in the process of being in the cocoon of life. However, one fruitful day will come when we have finally achieved our dreams and goals. And when it comes, that is the day we break free from our cocoon and fly high in life.

From ‘LOOKING Through’ to ‘STEPPING In’

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How many of us have tried to look through a peep hole of the door to see what is on the other side? I know I did… and I believe many of us have tried before at least a few time in our life, be it in your home or hotel. Here is the thing, sometimes we have a vision, dreams and goals that we want to accomplish but we haven’t quite yet. However, we already have a imaginary outline of how is our life going to be like if we ever achieved our dream. Hence, it is like us having a look through the peephole of the door of our dreams but not opening that door and stepping into our dreams.

The peephole act as a sneak peek for us to what we are capable to achieving. However, most of us never really act on that vision they have to turn it into their reality. Therefore, in all of our life, we are as if just looking through the peephole but never really tried to open the door.

From just ‘looking through the peephole’ to ‘opening the door and stepping into your intended destiny’ is found by what keys you are using.

David Ng

To open that door to our dreams, we need to have the right key that fits the door. Many of times, we are using the wrong keys. For example, the key of giving up, the key of laziness, the key of cowardliness, the key of disbelief, etc… All these keys of negativity will never ever open the door. Hence, the reason why we are seeing many are living their life existing and not living is because they are using the wrong keys.

On the other hand, here are the all right keys. The key of determination, patient, courage, believe, persistence, consistency, etc… All these keys are the drive that will push the door open and allow you to step into your dreams, purpose and destiny. As a result, instead of just wishing your dreams by looking through a peephole, you are now living your dreams by stepping into them.

There is MORE!

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Do you know that there is more in you than you could imagine? There are some hidden talents, skills and ideas that are yet to be discover in you. It is like a smartphone with lots of features and functionality but yet when we give the phone to a non-tech savvy person, the person will only know how to use the basic function of the phone such as calls and text messages. Hence, not using the phone to its fullest potential. However, when the person is willing to explore more about the phone’s capability, only then he will be able to use the phone closer to its potential.

There is more in you

So much so in our life, our life is like a smartphone with many cool features, but many of us are just using our life’s basic functions. Therefore, not using life to its fullest potential. Many of us are just tapping the surface of what we are truly capable of in life. One of the reason is we sometimes do not have the confidence in our ability and skills. Many of us still fear to face failures and rather play it safe in life.

The thing is this, you are so much more that you know. Begin to see yourself in a different light. Be confident in what you believe. Then the ideas and dreams in you, you thought you never had will begin to wake up. You will begin to experience so called ‘new features’, to find new strength, new vision, new desire, new skills and talents you never knew you had. Hence, Be willing to try new things, dream new dreams, reach new goals and when that one day where you achieved your dream comes, you will look back saying ‘wow, I didn’t knew I had it in me’. Start today knowing that there is so much more in you.

There is more in you than you think.

Kurt Hahn

When I was young, I was a very shy kid, I was afraid to stand in front of a crowd. There was a kindergarten concert where we were ask to perform a dance. I was so scare that I ask my parents not to show up during the concert. Eventually they did, and I shiver and cried during the performance. Many years later, when I was in my teens, that’s when I start to see things differently, to have confidence in my ability. In that time, I danced infront of 1000 spectators. And today, I am now a speaker and trainer, standing infront of adults, presenting and sharing my gift with them. Looking back now, I didn’t knew I had it in me. However, there is still more to come, more things to discover, more things to learn for there is more in us than we could imagine.

Shaken not Stirred

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A famous quote from one of my favourite movie character James Bond, ‘Shaken, not Stirred’. Each time when Mr. Bond order his drink, this line was his favourite request. This line however also can be applicable in our life. Sometimes in our journey, we are gathering all the heartache, accumulating all the failures and mistakes. Stirring and mixing together all this negative emotion can really weight us down and therefore making it hard for us to rise up again. We will begin to lose sight of hope in life. The desire and dreams we once had is no longer relevant when we keep stirring up all our past defeats.

One of the key to rise up from defeat is not to stirred them up but to shake them out. Shake out all the bad memories and experiences, past failures, setbacks and regret. The load of your regrets are ones holding you down, it is time to shake them off to lighten the load. To release out certain things in life is the beginning when you will start to gain back your strength to rise back up. When we learn let go all the past experiences and give our new dream and goal a chance, that’s when things begin to change for the better. Hence, when life is serving you a tough time, remember to order it ‘Shaken, not stirred’.

Shake off all your self-pity, shake off the defeat and get ready for God to do something new.

Joel Osteen

Picture your Victory

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When there is any event occurring or happening soon, we will often visualize, imagine or picture how is it going to happen and normally we will think of the worst possible scenario first just to prepare for the worst. For instances, when we are having a presentation for our client, we will imagine what if our client hates it. Before receiving a result after an exam, we will also have an imagination of what if we fail. Though it is fine to have a back up plan if things doesn’t go the way you plan.

However, we already set a mental picture of defeat, failures and disappointment before the situation even starts. We already have been defeated in our mind and our expectation bar has been set low. However, its important to know that everything starts with our mind, the way we picture things in our brain will normally translate into the reality. Bruce Lee once said, ‘What I think, I become’, if we keep dwelling on thoughts of defeat, then defeat will eventually will become a reality in our life.

Losers visualize the penalties of failures. Winners visualize the reward of success.

William S. Gilbert

Therefore, if we keep picturing victory and success in our mind, something good is stirring up and turning into our favour. See yourself right now as being healthy, happy, prosperous and blessed. Picture yourself accomplishing your dreams and goals. The thing is there will still be setbacks and disappointment in the process of reaching your dreams. However, keep on picturing your victory and chase towards that dream, there will soon come the day of victory you have always pictured about.

If you want to reach a goal, you must first see the reaching in your mind before you actually arrive at your goal.

Zig ZIglar

Crash but Unscratched

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Crashing is never a good experience. A few examples like when you are halfway walking in the streets and you crash into a pole or you are driving down the road and suddenly crash into a car in front. Sometimes as well in our life, we will experience some season of ‘crashing’.

A bad boss may crash you out of the company, Your business crashing down, Your relationship crashing apart, Bad experiences keep crashing into you. Sometimes, life crashes us into many disappointments and setbacks. However, know this, though we may have crash but we will walk out unscratched. We may be crushed but not hurt. 2018 may be the year that crashes us, but in the end, we still walk out without a scratch.

Sometime, our mind play tricks with us each time we go through hardship and difficulties, it is like the end of the world. We may thought that we would not make it through 2018 but look at where we are right now in 2019, we are left unscratched. Therefore, let us face 2019 with confidence and believe that this year will be our best year yet.

The Lion in You

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The king of the jungle, the Lion. A lion often signify and display strength, courage, bravery, confidence and many more. The thing is all of us have the qualities of a lion. However, many times when we experienced mistakes, failures and disappointment, we quickly turned into a kitten, while putting the lion to sleep, never to be awaken.

When there is any bad breaks in our life,a failure in business, your dream and goals crumbling down, some of us may give it all up and play it safe in life. To work at a stable but yet not fulfilling job, to major in a course not you desired or to never get into relationship again. With this, we are putting our lion to sleep, transforming ourselves into kittens, allowing the laughter of the hyenas to triumph over us.

A Lion does not flinch at the laughter coming from a hyena.

Suzy Kassem

Know this, there is still a lion in you. Wake it up. Get back your strength, courage, bravery and confidence to face life again. Pursue the hunger that is place in you, your dreams and goals are still alive ahead of you. Chase down your vision. In the jungle, the lion is not disturb or be influence by the laughter of the hyenas, just as in our world, we should not be influence and affected by the opinions of other people. As the lion is the king of the jungle, you are the king of your world. Roar out your dreams and chase them, for you are the king of your own jungle, your world.

If ever you feel like an animal among men, be a LION.

Criss Jami

Get Set to Reset

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Today is the last day of 2018, and some of us have been through a lot of hardship, disappointments and failures. Some of us, this year has knock us down to our knees many times. Yet today, we should be thankful that we are all still alive and standing. Those things that happen this year were meant to harm us, but eventually make us stronger.

Take courage for it is a new day and a new year soon. Whatever great things that happen this year, be grateful, and whatever bad things happen, be hopeful that next year is the turning point in your life. It is time to reset our mind and thought as we welcome the new year. With new vision, goals, courage, determination, spirit, strength, wisdom and ideas, we are able to enter 2019 with hope and confidence that it will be better than the year before.

Reset your mindset to believe that great things will happen to you. Those desires and ideas that were placed in your heart before will begin to take root and will start to grow. Those dreams that you been sowing this year, will begin to show result. As from the words of Napoleon Hill, ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Continue to take your vision of success on to the next year, and leave the reality of failures behind as we usher in the new year. Lastly, I wish all of you:-

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Standing Firm on your Ground

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People can say mean things to you, they can pick on you, pushing you in every possible way to shake your confidence, sway your vision and to swerve your believe. However, sometimes we must learn to stand firm on our ground and stick to our dream. A superior may make fun of your dream saying you ain’t got no experience and that statement causes your dream to be shaken and in the end you decided to throw in the towel on your dream.

A quote in the movie ‘Mulan’ saying with goes something like this, ‘no matter how the wind blows, the mountain will not moved’. In the world of nature as well, palm trees are able to withstand the winds of the hurricane. No matter how the hurricane blows, the palm trees are still standing tall. Therefore, in our life, there will be wind and hurricanes of negativity, hatred and insults that will try to blow you down, but know this you are a strong mountain and a palm tree that is still standing firm on the ground. To stand with confidence and passion in what you believe in. To stand firm in chasing your dream.

Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.

Abraham Lincoln