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The Power of Presentation

In a survey conducted, it shows that 70% of employees believe giving effective presentation is a crucial skill for work success. Therefore, the programme is designed to enhance and improve the presentation skills of the participants to the level that their delivery will be clear, compelling and will generate great impact on their audiences. This course focuses to give participants the confidence, clarity and ability to present effectively in their workplaces and any given speaking engagements.

The Mastery of Self-Motivation

In a research conducted, it shows that approximately 13% of employees are motivated and engaged in their work while most employees are not engaged in their work and life. Hence, ‘The Mastery of Self-Motivation’ training programme is designed to help participants to become self-motivated and to be dedicated into achieving their desired goals and results in their life. This course focuses to give participants the motivation, discipline, commitment and courage to perform effectively in their workplaces and in their life.

The Craft of Communication

In a survey conducted, communication skill is one of the most sought-after soft skills in any organizations. The reason why is many conflicts begin with miscommunication among people in organizations, schools as well as universities. Therefore, the programme is designed to enable participants to communicate clearly and with impact, by improving their verbal and non-verbal communication style, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills.

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