The End is Just The Beginning

Every story has an END, but in life every ending is a new BEGINNING Anonymous It may seems like the end of the world, you may have lost your job, you may have lost your business, you may… Read More

Stronger Together

We are stronger together than we are alone Walter Payton To go through this crisis, we should all work together. To go through this problem, we should all stand together To go through this difficulty, we should all… Read More

Today’s Social Distancing Determines Tomorrow’s Social Gathering

I would just like to encourage and remind everyone to take care and stay safe. Remember to wash your hands often and keep your distance. Sometimes, the little thing that we do will often affect the bigger things… Read More

Encouragement Over Disappointment

Be an ENCOURAGER. The world has enough critics already Dave Willis When we look around the world with this current pandemic of Covid-19 happening, many people across the globe are losing their jobs, are closing down their businesses,… Read More

Faith Over Fear

Faith will take you far greater things than fear ever could Anonymous In this time of difficulty, hardships and disappointments, it is easy to throw in the towel, easy to give up our dreams and believing that things… Read More